Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Settlers in Hebron "Peace House' to be sued by Israeli NGO for violating copyright on the word "Peace"

Spokesman for veteran Israeli NGO 'Peace by Lunchtime" says that the radical organization has filed suit in Israeli courts against the settler movement , seeking an immediate cessation of the flagrant and unauthorized use of the patented word "Peace", as well as damages incurred to the NGO's good reputation by the misuse of the term.

ISL - Hebron
In addition to facing an impending eviction, the settlers in the so-called "Peace House" may have yet to deal with another attack, this time from their historic rivals on the Left who plan to sue them for the malicious misuse of the word "Peace".
According to PBL spokesman Steve Goodfellow, the use of the word "Peace" by unauthorized personnel is strictly prohibited by the terms of the patent granted to the Israeli Peace Movement in the early seventies:

" Only we know what Peace really is, and only we can use it in it's proper form and meaning, which is, basically, that the State of Israel is a criminal entity and must be destroyed along with all Jewish inhabitants who do not have a valid passport of another country like any normal person has" said the spokesman, adding that the current misuse of the word by the occupying settlers in Hebron can only serve to confuse the meaning of the term in the eyes of the public: " Quite obviously, the idea of Jews buying a house and living in the same city as Arabs runs completely contrary to the well-established idea of "Peace" and therefore must be stopped immediately before the idea catches on, and more Jews move in to live with Arabs in the same cities or neighborhoods, thereby ruining any chance of true, stable Peace in the region."
Spokesman for the Settlers in the Peace house denied the charges against them, asserting that the word "Peace" is still in the public domain and can be used by anyone in anyway they wish: "As far-fetched as this might seem in today's climate, we believe that "Peace" means living with each other, Arabs and Jews, as good neighbors and that is what we have been doing here and plan to continue doing for generations to come" said the spokesman.
As of yet, no decision has been returned from the Israeli Supreme court in this grave matter.
ISL reporter adds that the hard-liner settlers from Hebron are well-known for their primitive outlook, and this is not the first time that they are trying to force their own idiosyncrasies on the whole country.

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