Sunday, May 27, 2007

Doctors Without Conscious Apologize for Plot to Assassinate Olmert

Director of humanitarian organization says: All of us are touched by the suffering of the Israeli people under Olmert, apologizes for failure.

ISL – Gaza, Jerusalem
A week after Israeli Security Agency revealed that it had foiled a plot by Doctors Without Conscience employee Ahmad Bashir to assassinate Olmert, the humanitarian organization and it's workers remain embarrassed. Doctor Richard McDeath, regional director of DWC said that Bashir's failure should not cast a shadow on the important work of the organization in the Gaza area: "I would prefer that people remember us for our great humanitarian effort in helping the Palestinians destroy the Jewish state, and not for this misguided attempt of one individual to assassinate the Israeli PM."
Doctor McDeath said that he had no idea Bashir was planning the assassination: "We cannot be held responsible for everything our employees do after work – it is true that many of our staff take up terrorism as a hobby but what is the harm in that?" said Dr. McDeath,

"joining a terrorism group here in Gaza is no different then joining the boy scouts in the States –it's a pleasant
national pastime and educational too , " continued the Director who admitted that "even so, Bashir crossed a red line when he failed to report his actions to us – we could have helped him, and spared all of us the shame and embarrassment of this failure."

Meanwhile in Israel citizens were astonished, and even angry at the actions of the DWC, with many expressing their uttermost disappointment with the humanitarian organization for failing to rid Israel of it's disastrous leader, as well as anger at the Israeli Shin Beth for making such an effort to save him. As one Jerusalem passerby said to us: "Rabin they didn't bother to protect, but this shmendrik of a prime minister they surround with hundreds of guards, and an intelligence net that even a wily and experienced Vice Prime Minister would have trouble penetrating…"

This piece was inspired by this article which appeared in many places, but I first saw it at Boker Tov Boulder
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