Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Only In Israel - Cars With Blinkers To Be Phased Out By 2010

Minister of Transport, Mofaz: signaling is a waste of time and money, country will save millions.

ISL – Jerusalem
Israel does it again. Known world-wide for it's technological innovations, Israel is now introducing the world to a new concept – driving without signaling.
"All we are doing is recognizing a well known fact that Israeli drivers – me included, by the way – manage quite well without signaling." says Mofaz "In fact, our studies have shown that over ninety percent of Israeli drivers have no idea that the blinkers exist. I myself always thought that they were there for decorative purposes" admitted Mofaz.
According to the study, Israeli drivers prefer honking, or shouting at each other instead of the more traditional blinking: "This road behavior is quite understandable" says MOT chief psychologist, Dr. Dikaon "We are a friendly people and like to communicate with each other vocally. Signaling is considered too low key for the average Israeli. All we have to do is recognize this fact and adapt the law accordingly."
"Exactly" continued Mofaz

"Instead of installing blinkers which nobody uses anyway, we will install much louder horns as well as a 500 watt speaker system in every car. This way, drivers will be able to communicate more effectively with each other, and no doubt the number and fatality of car accidents will drop down dramatically. All we needed is a way to let people really talk to each other"

Mofaz says that he learned how to think out of the box while serving under consecutive Prime Ministers - Netanyahu, Barak and Sharon: "Under Netanyahu I gave weapons to our enemies, under Barak I pulled out of Lebanon over night and left our weapons to the enemy, and under Sharon I had to leave our enemies with training areas and launching pads, so I have a lot of experience in this sort of creative, ad hoc thinking. I have no doubt that I can be no less effective then they were, even while operating in such a miserable ministry." Said Mofaz

The Minister also revealed plans for the future: " If this works out as well as we expect, then we will get rid of a few more outdated traffic regulations such as "stopping at red lights" and "right of way".
"These rigid regulations which may have served a purpose in the past, have become obsolete." explained Mofaz. " They are no more than annoying obstacles in the path of the Israeli driver who manages quite well without being told what to do every minute. Is it any wonder there are so many traffic accidents with all these distractions?" concluded Mofaz.
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Barbara said...

If it works, let's try this in NYC! ;)

Anonymous said...

From the stories I hear I thought NYC already had such a system in place!