Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Palestinian Women Terrorists First To Equality In Arab World

In a historic decision, Hamas allows women to participate equally in murdering Jews.
Western Feminist leaders applaud breakthrough: "Liberalism wins again!"

ISL - Gaza
After years of struggle and sacrifice, Palestinian women finally have something to show for it – true equality with men. This, after the Hamas movement, voted into office just a few months ago on a radical agenda, bowed to popular pressure and mandated equal treatment of terrorist women.
Fatma Kasila, Head of the Palestinian Feminist Movement, which is part of the International Feminists for Terrorism Organization, expressed her satisfaction at the decision: "We have fought for years to achieve equal rights with men. We have always believed that women have the right, given to us by Allah, to kill as many Jews as our men do." Fatma stressed that killing Jews by no means should be an excuse for not fulfilling women's traditional roles:

"As women we wish to be complete – we want do our duties at home, and bear as many children as possible, as well as competing with other terrorists in the workplace," said Fatma, "killing Jews should not be, under any circumstances, an excuse for not doing the housework."
Although the decision had been reached by a majority of the terrorist organizations, there are hold-outs who oppose it. For instance the newly-formed radical splinter group "Jihad With Balls" has said that it would not allow women to join it's organization and participate in military actions against the Jewish Entity: "A women's place is in the house," said AlHakeeli, spokesman for the organization, "it is our duty as men to make money by killing Jews and it is the woman's duty to raise the family. That is the way it has always been, and always will be."
It is unclear though how the government will react to this challenge and if it will try to enforce the law.
Meanwhile, Hamas' decision has been greeted with enthusiasm by feminists around the world. Debbie Cohen from the American feminist organization NOW said that the decision is a momentous one: "This is a small but significant step for women in the Arab world," said Ms. Cohen, "Today the government allowed equality in Terrorism, and tomorrow it will allow them to drive cars and vote. From now on the sky is the limit for Palestinian women ."

This satire was inspired by this piece I saw at LGF.

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