Thursday, June 28, 2007

Abu-Mazen Issues Call for Philosophers at Sharm El-Shiekh Summit

Fatah leader says: we need to learn how to think before we kill, and perhaps , one day we won't need to kill at all.

ISL - Sharm El-Shiekh
In a surprising keynote address, Abu-Mazen , President of the newly split Palestinian Authority accepted full responsibility for the fiasco which threatens to bury decades of effort put into establishing a viable state for the Palestinians.
"When I ask myself what went wrong, all I have to do is look across the border and see what the Jewish people did. While we were busy killing Jews, or killing each other or just killing people because they were there, they were thinking great thoughts and dreaming a dream of a nation that finally came to be reality," said Abu Mazen.
"What I want to know is this: where is the Palestinian Ahad-Ha'Am? Where are our great thinkers, people will vision like Herzl, Ben-Gurion or Borochov? Why do we not have our own A.D. Gordon or Pinsker? Why, every time a Palestinian has a vision, it turns out to be a vision of hell, a bloodbath of innocent people? I stand before you in all humility and ask you, my dear Israeli friends: send us your philosophers, your social scientists, your teachers, and dreamers and visionaries, for our own sake and yours as well. We are a sick people and we beg you for help."

In response to the sincere plea, an emotional Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, pledged that his country will give all the assistance possible and more:

"We wish for a vibrant, successful Palestinian state thriving alongside Israel. That is our dream as well as your own and that is why we will do anything in our power to assist you."
Olmert promised to immediately send more guns and ammunition to the Palestinian Authority , and also said that Israel will release hundreds of Fatah terrorists from Israeli prisons. "It's the least we can do," Olmert told Abu-Mazen, "and if there is anything else you need – tanks, heavy artillery, fighter jets – you name it – and it will be yours."
American Foreign Minister, Condoleeza Rice said, with tears streaming from her eyes, that she had never been so moved in his life: " Such honesty and openness are rare in the international forum. I feel Abu-Mazen's pain and understand him completely. We will resume shipment of first grade arms and ammunition immediately and we will supply his people with the best military training possible, and hopefully the Palestinians will soon be able to start living a normal life."

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