Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Ruling Forces Silvan Shalom Withdrawal From Likud Race

New election rule states that candidates for Likud leadership must possess a semblance of ideology, Silvan resigns from race in protest

ISL – LikudLand
In a controversial move, the Likud Elections Steering Committee ruled that candidates must express some kind of world view. The ruling, quickly dubbed "The Silvan Rule" came after Silvan embarrassed the party in the previous elections by running on an empty platform, under the slogan: "A Vote for Shalom Is A Vote For Somebody".
Israel Katz, head of the committee said that such a platform would not bother anybody "except that 10 percent of the Likud members voted for such an empty-headed proposition, making all of us look bad."
Shalom is married to Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes, the flashy heiress to Israel's largest tabloid "Yediot Ahronot", who is credited with being the mastermind behind Silvan's political campaigns and his carefree slogans including "Shalom Is Totally The Best" the leading motto from the 2002 campaign, and also "Shalom – Something Something" from Silvan's unsuccessful drive to head the local P.T.A.
Katz said that after Silvan's withdrawal only two candidates remain, Netanyahu and Fieglin both of whom can complete more than two sentences in Hebrew although only one of them can do so without changing his mind in the middle….

Inspired by the article, from INN, via Menorah.
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