Monday, August 20, 2007

10 Year Old Settler Girl Attacks Olmert Motorcade With Bare Hands

A few days ago I read about Olmert's motorcade hitting a little girl as she was crossing a green light. Somehow, it did not surprise me that Olmert would stoop to killing Israelis directly and it is probably only a matter of time until he actually stops the motorcade, gets out of the car and begins to throttle people with his own bare hands like a deranged Roman Emperor.
But what I really wondered was how this would be reported in one of Israel's rabidly anti-Semitic dailies if the girl happened to be a settler. If you're wondering too, here's my answer:

Bracha Levinger, a 10 year-old settler girl from Hebron attacked The Prime Minister's motorcade yesterday in Jerusalem causing severe damage to the fender of a GMC armored truck and delaying Olmert for nearly a minute.
Bracha Levinger is the granddaughter of the notoriously fanatical settler,Rabbi Moshe Levinger of Hebron, one of the founding fathers of the settler movement, who was sentenced in the past to three years in jail for racism and incitement to terror after openly declaring that "The Land of Israel is the land of the Jews".
Apparently, the apple did not fall far from the tree,

as Bracha was tempted to attack Olmert's convoy with her own bare hands, just one week after Olmert successfully evicted two Jewish families from their homes in Hebron. Bracha was immediately scooped up from the pavement and taken to interrogation to see if she had any accomplices and if further attempts on Olmert's life were planned.
Shabak investigators are optimistic and expect Bracha to break completely and tell all within the next forty eight hours: "She is currently hanging upside down, blindfolded, in a dark clammy cell. We alternate electric shocks with clubbing and whipping, stopping only to give the exhausted interrogators a rest," said one source, speaking anonymously. Our source added that this harsh interrogation regime, while seemingly inhuman, has actually been approved by the Supreme Court in cases of extreme right-wing danger to the state and has been applied in the past to similar cases of settler fanaticism with excellent results – they all died.
Meanwhile, a pale, shaken Olmert blamed the settler ideology for the attempt on his life and for using a little girl to achieve such a vile political aim. Olmert vowed to continue driving home and back in his motorcade, promising that he would not be intimidated by little settler girls pretending to cross the street.
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Bob said...

Olmert was clearly provoked by the settlers' taking up residence near his motorcade route. Will these settlers ever learn that their behavior can only escalate into more violence? Can't we all just get along?

satiricohen said...

We can only hope that one day, eventually, the settlers will learn their lesson - not to cross the street.