Sunday, August 26, 2007

Israel to Decorate Troops Who Participated in Expulsion of Hebron Jews

ISL – Jerusalem
ISL has learned that the Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak has decided that the units who agreed to participate in the expulsion of two Jewish families from their homes in Hebron several weeks ago will be honored with a new decoration: "The Hadrian".
Barak explained that the Roman Emperor Hadrian was, "a great guy who knew how to deal with Jews and didn't take any nonsense from them, and that is exactly the kind of soldiers we need today".
"The Hadrian" is a small pin decorated with a roman eagle sitting on top of a ruined Jewish settlement. Deserving soldiers will be honored to wear it on their collars as a symbol of obedience, which, Barak stressed, is a very important ideal in Israel defense doctrine: "An army cannot function without obedience. If there is one thing we have learned from the Holocaust it is that soldiers must always obey orders without question. That is why the rebellious soldiers from the Duchifat unit have been dealt with immediately and in the harshest manner possible, and that is why the obedience of the majority of the participating forces must be rewarded."
"But," Barak explained,

"there is another reason for the reward. The biggest threat our soldiers face when approaching the mission of expelling Jews from their homes is the internal threat of compassion, empathy and brotherly love, not to mention common sense and fear of God." said Barak.
"These threats are tangible and they threaten to destroy from within the very essence of an Israeli defense force. It is not easy to kick people out of their homes. It is not pleasant to ruin a synagogue, beat up small children with steel clubs, trample unarmed citizens with horses – I know it is not easy but someone has to do the dirty work so that the rest of us can sleep at night, safe from the threat of Jews living in the homes of their forefathers," said Barak.
"Our hope is that by recognizing the sacrifice that these soldiers and policemen have made, namely, their conscience, we will encourage them and others to enlist and further participate in this defense mission which is of the highest importance to the future of our country: to secure us all from the threat of being reminded of our history, heritage and identity."

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Bob said...

Do we get to wear "brown shirts" as part of the uniform? I look good in earth tones.

satiricohen said...

I'm sure you do, and I'm sure the symbolism will be lost on the decision makers so I guess you will get your lovely uniform...