Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Israel Government Makes Gestures to Palestinians and Israelis in Honor of Holidays

ISL – Jerusalem
In what has a become a tradition of sorts these past years, the Israeli Government voted and approved gestures to be made in honor of the holidays.
To honor the Muslim holiday of Ramadan Israel will release nearly a hundred terrorists, on condition that they sign an affidavit renouncing their wayward ways and promising to never take up the murder business again.
Responding to cries from the opposition that trusting the word of known murderers is an act of criminal negligence, Israeli PM Vizzini Olmert said that it would be inconceivable for a Palestinian to break his word.
However just in case the dire predictions of the Israeli Right do come to pass, the Government also decided on a complimentary gesture towards Israeli Jews . According to the decision, the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem will be enlarged, and burial rates will be reduced:
"This way, no matter what happens, we have all bases covered," explained a spokesman for the government who also wished the public a happy and joyous holiday, "because there is a good chance it will be your last!"

In the picture below: the gesture made by the Israeli Government towards its citizens.

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