Sunday, September 16, 2007

Israel to Teach Zikim Rocket Strike From Hamas Point of View

Israel Minister of Education, Yuli Tamir, said that the she will instruct schools to give special lessons intended to clarify the true meaning of the rocket strike that injured 69 soldiers just a few days ago.

"It is true that many soldiers were wounded" said Tamir in a meeting with reporters, "And I am sure that many Israeli families are worried and even angry about the attack. But we really must try to see it from their point of view, for the sake of peace," said Tamir. "We must stop the fascist, egotistical practice of thinking only about ourselves and our loved ones," Tamir pointed out.

"Yes, I know that a Jewish mother loves her son more than anything," Tamir said, "But it is exactly that kind of narrow-minded thinking that is at the root of all our problems.
"If we ever want to change this world, we must learn how to see things from the point of view of the Other. For instance, let us imagine the fear of the Hamas operative hiding in the dark, creeping towards the enemy border with his makeshift Kassam launcher that could blow up in his face any minute! Think of him standing tall and proud,

launching the rocket at the evil, bloodsucking Jews in revenge for his brother that was killed in an Israeli raid! We must think of his family – how proud and happy they must be when they hear of the successful attack against the enemy soldiers!"
Tamir said that, generally speaking, this will be the way the event will be taught in Israeli schools beginning next week – through exciting stories portraying the Zikim attackers as human beings just like us – with feelings and worries and ambitions and even, yes, you guessed it - a love story! For example:

Ahmad, a young aspiring rocket launcher for the Hamas, is in love with Hilwa, the daughter of a rich, Fatah weapons merchant. Her corrupt father, who is cooperating with the Zionist apes, forbids her to see the poor honest man and marriage is out of the question - or is it? Meanwhile, Ahmad is entrusted with a new secret mission that will kill dozens of satanic Israelis. Will he succeed? If he does, will they elope and get married and live happily ever after? Or will the evil Zionist pigs thwart the brave Hamas soldier and shoot him, leaving him crippled, loveless and penniless for life?

All this and more, starting next week at a school near you!! Brought to you courtesy of Tamir-Hamas Productions: "Giving Your Children an Education to Die For!"

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