Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Olmert Blasts Neo Nazi Groups in Israel

"It is preposterous to think that in this day and age we would have among us Holocaust -deniers," said Olmert who admitted that he would not know where to begin to find such a person.

Olmert added that he finds it hard to believe that there are people in Israel that would engage in violence against"Jews just because they wear a kippah,"

Olmert made the statements in response to the arrest of a gang of Neo-Nazis in Tel Aviv this week.

"Next thing you know they will want to evict Jews from their homes, rob them of their dignity and livelihood and all worldly possessions just because they are Jews," said Olmert who laughed at the absurdity.

"Of course doing that would be ethnic cleansing and quite unthinkable in a civilized country like Israel, " said Olmert, who vowed to act promptly and forcefully against any such openly anti-semitic ideas...

Other prominent, public figures in Israel chimed in to express their disgust with the fact that there are still people who wish to attack Jews because of their customs and the way they look and behave. Tommi Lapid former head of the Shinui Party and current head of Yad Va-Shem was one of them:
"It's hard to believe that such racism still exists in Israel," he said . "It's such a shame that we can't all just forget our differences (link is in Hebrew) and live together, isn't it?" added the sweet-natured, naive Mr Lapid.
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