Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ahmadinejad May Resign as Christian Riots Intensify World Wide

ISL – Teheran
Three senior officers in the notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guards have been executed and President Ahmadinejad himself is on the verge of resigning , following the flogging of two Christians in Iran last week.
The couple, who were married by law in a forced Islamic ceremony, were caught praying in a church - an offense so hideous, so inhuman that no words in the Parsi language could describe it. Instead, the couple were flogged.

As a result of this gross trampling of their beliefs, incensed Christians have been staging violent riots in front of Iranian embassies all over the world. Thousands of Korans have been burnt and clashes have erupted between Christians and Muslims in the United States, England and Sweden among others. Dozens of Muslims have already been slain and scores injured.

In the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI sentenced the Iranian ruler to a death sentence and a prize of one million dollars has been put on his head and the heads of all officials involved in the fiasco. An Iranian delegation suing for clemency was received by the Pope and summarily executed.

In the United States, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said that it is hard to believe that in this day and age such primitive practices are allowed to exist, "Who knows how many millions are suffering under the heels of this obscenely cruel dictatorship, and what do we , as a nation, stand for if we do not help the oppressed who are yearning for freedom?" asked the forceful Democrat.
Along with all the other Democratic candidates, who were united in their condemnation of the Iranian Regime of Terror, Pelosi urged President Bush to do everything in his power to expedite the American response to this medieval regime, "No decent man or woman can sleep in peace until we are sure that this administration has done its best to secure freedom from oppression for the Iranian people," Pelosi said, "the Iranian people deserve our support no less than the Iraqi people did."

Meanwhile Iranian officials have been scrambling to avoid the consequences of its vicious policies. Journalists and television crews have been invited to an all-expenses-paid tour of the Iranian paradise, "so that they can see for themselves how happy the Iranian people are." However, the Media, not wishing to participate in an obvious propaganda campaign conducted by a bloody regime, declined, except for CNN and Ted Koppel, who explained that they are under contract to the Iranians and cannot refuse their invitation.

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