Monday, October 15, 2007

Al Gore Saves Earth, Mankind, Receives Nobel Prize

ISL – Oslo

Al Gore, the man who wrote The New Testament, succored humanity throughout the dismal Middle Ages, and , most recently, invented the internet, has finally received his due from the grateful habitants of the world.
Surprisingly, the prestigious prize was given not for his previous achievements, which include the invention of writing in the tenth millennium B.C, but rather, in appreciation of his valiant efforts in brokering peace between mankind and The Environment.
Al Gore was the first climate scientist to discover global warming and to reveal its ultimate cause – George Bush. Since then, Gore has been relentless in his pursuit of Global Warming criminals. He has written numerous articles in his invention, the internet, lectured to fawning audiences all over the world and, finally, delivered the coup de grace with his magnificent documentary film "The Inconceivable Truth", which depicts a world without Al Gore as its center, a frightening, realistic vision of a world gone mad.

As a result, Gore has managed to convince China to halt its economic development, with India, Taiwan and South Korea following suit: "Gore has convinced us that the Western life style with its free markets and abundance of cheap and readily available products affordable to the masses is completely unsuitable for the Chinese temperament," said Chinese PM Hsu Lin, who said his government is committed to regressing the Chinese economy and standard of living to pre-industrial age levels.
In the rapidly developing Africa, Gore has worked miracles, convincing farmers to abandon modern, polluting technology in favor of the trusted, environment-friendly ways of the past. Although intense famine has resulted and millions have died unnecessarily, Gore reiterated his support of his "green" farming policy: "No sacrifice is too great to make for the sake of the environment," Gore assured African leaders in a video conference conducted from his private jet, "as long as I and my business partners don't have to make any".

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