Thursday, October 18, 2007

Israeli Rabbis Admit: Western Wall is Palestinian

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In an amazing, unprecedented statement, prominent Israeli Rabbis have admitted that the Jewish worship of the Western Wall, which has continued uninterrupted for over a thousand years has been a sham , part of a historic, world-wide Jewish conspiracy to deny the Palestinians their heritage.
"Yes, it is true," said Rabbi Ovadia Yoseph, the foremost Sephardic Rabbi who is considered an expert in Jewish law. " I can assure you that even when King Solomon built the Temple it was obvious that it belonged to the Palestinians and that therefore, as a result, so does the Kotel."

The astounding statement was seconded by Religious-Zionist leader, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, who confessed that the weight of this secret, carried by Jewish Rabbis and leaders for a thousand years has been a great burden: "I am ashamed of being part of this abominable tradition," said Rabbi Eliyahu.
" I always hated going to the Kotel and pretending it is Jewish and holy, and praying day and night with fake fervor," said Eliyahu, "and all the notes in the wall put in by fellow conspirator Jews from all over the world, really it's such a disgrace.
" It saddens me that us Jews have done these things for hundreds of years just in order to spite the Palestinians and deny them their rights," said the relieved Rabbi, " but I am also glad that it has now ended and that finally we can stop putting so much time and energy in this charade and return to a normal life: a life without God, or prayer, a life without history or identity, a good, wholesome secular life."

These statements come just one day after the Palestinians claimed the Western Wall as their own and would seem to justify such a claim. However, Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas said that, as usual, the Jews are playing mind games with the Palestinians: "If the Jews stop praying at the Western Wall then we have no use for it and of course they know this so, as we see it, the Jews are giving up the Western Wall out of sheer hatred, just to spite us," said Abbas."It is just another trick, another way to obstruct the negotiations but we are wise to the Jews," Abbas continued, "and we now demand that the Jews accept the Western Wall as part of their heritage and continue to pray there, so that we can continue to torture them or else we will walk away from the negotiations and pout until our demands, whatever they may be, are met."

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