Thursday, November 29, 2007

Israel and Palestinians Present United Front Against World Jewry

ISL- Annapolis
Following attempts by world Jewry to influence negotiations concerning Jerusalem, Prime Ministers of both sides have managed to agree that such interference is completely unacceptable, "As far as we are concerned, the issue of Jerusalem is non-negotiable. It has always been the capital of Palestine and always will be – Jews, whether in Israel or abroad have nothing to do with Jerusalem and we view their presence in the city as a temporary mistake, soon to be rectified," said Palestinian PM Abbas, "Jerusalem will not be negotiated with any Jew, including the current Israeli government."

Israeli PM Olmert concurred: "I could not agree more with my esteemed colleague," Olmert said, "Jews are the last people on earth to meddle in the negotiations about Jerusalem because , after all, it is hard to see what interest they can possibly have in this city." Olmert also said that he resents the labeling of the current Israeli government as "Jewish", "I am delighted that the Palestinians and ourselves have finally agreed on a major issue, but I also think that pointing fingers and calling me and my partners in the government "Jews" is hardly warranted and does nothing to help the cause of peace," Olmert said.

The Americans who are hosting the conference said that world Jewry presents a new, welcome issue on which the two sides can finally cooperate freely, "Both sides hate Jews bitterly so at least they have that in common," said American FM, Condoleezza Rice, " There's nothing like mutual bigotry and racism to bring different people together and we have high hopes that with this new understanding a final agreement between the two sides will quickly be reached."

Hat tip: The French Hill Blog - Olmert Gives the Finger to World Jewry

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