Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Palestinians Kill Israeli in Gesture to Israeli Government

In a diplomatic gesture intended to convince the Israeli Government that the Palestinian Authority is taking its responsibilities seriously, Palestinian terrorists from the Fatah military wing shot and killed an Israeli settler yesterday near Kadumim.
This Palestinian gesture was preceded by an Israeli gesture in which close to a hundred terrorists were released.
A spokesman for the Israeli government said that the Palestinian gesture is a gratifying one and proves that the two sides "understand each other perfectly well". In view of this progress the spokesman said that the government is prepared to make yet another gesture of good will, in which a further four hundred terrorists will be released.

American Foreign Minister Condoleezza Rice praised the latest round of gestures: "We believe that these reciprocal gestures are an important part of the process," said Rice, "What this means is that Israelis and Palestinians are finally learning how to live together - or die - as the case may be. Before we know it," said the Foreign Minister, "If these gestures continue, the situation in the Middle East will resolve itself and we can all finally go back to doing what diplomats did before the Israeli-Arab conflict - nothing."

Meanwhile, Israelis remain wary of the current flurry of gestures, "A Palestinian gesture almost hit me in the stomach," said Avi, who escaped death by a hair in a separate incident, "Personally, I wish the politicians would save their gestures for each other and leave us common people alone."

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