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World-Wide Anti-Israeli Efforts Slowing Down Due to Senior Lecturer's Strike

ISL – Jerusalem
Entering its second month, the senior lecturers strike is having a profound effect on life in Israel and abroad. In the universities themselves students sit in classes for hours, staring at the blackboards without anybody talking to them. Some students have complained bitterly about this situation, saying that sitting in class without the soothing voice of a lecturer is unsettling. Others say that they have adjusted to the new reality by turning up the volume on their mp3 players. Both groups admit, however, that they are taking less notes now that the lecturers are not in class and that, apparently, "they are learning less."

To some, the impoverishment of a new generation of students is just one obvious result of the strike. Others have noticed an opposite trend – due to the strike, the anti-Israeli activities of the senior lecturers has declined, and with it the number of protests, petitions and boycotts organized against Israel itself in general and against Israeli academics in particular.
Dr. Ilan Peper, Head of "Academics For the Destruction of Israel" told ISL that the slowdown in anti-Israeli activity is a direct result of the strike, "We have suspended all of our academic activities which are comprised mainly of expressing hatred to Israel and the Jews," said Dr.Peper, "The country cannot expect us to work day and night, in Israel and abroad, with complete disregard for our health, in order to undermine it – on the salary it pays us.
"We are tired of being suckers," said Dr. Peper,

expressing the disappointment and frustration of thousands of senior lecturers who feel that the country simply does not appreciate the sacrifices they make while fabricating research in order to prove that Israel is a Nazi-like regime of maniacal, bloodthirsty Jews.
"Making up research isn't as easy as it sounds," says Dr. Peper, "It takes a lot of thought and groundwork. Sometimes dozens of hours can go into a well-fabricated piece of research, but in the end it is worth it - you have the satisfaction of a job well done as well as the ultimate fulfillment of our mission as seekers of knowledge – the Truth!"

Minister of Education Yuli Tamir said that she is aware of the damage not being done to Israel's image due to the lecturer's strike, but said that she is more concerned with the neglect of the students, "Boycotts of the fascist regime in Israel can always be organized for the next semester, but the orderly, anti-Zionist indoctrination of a new crop of students in the Humanities and Social Sciences is being completely botched. This is something that will be difficult to make up for later in the year," said Tamir, "And what is worse is that you can never know what kind of ideas the students are getting, now that they are left to their own devices," said the Minister, who is working around the clock in order to resolve this dangerous situation.

"According to the Finance Ministry," said Tamir, "So much money is going into defending Israel from boycotts and incitement abroad and
from violence caused by agitated Arab-Israelis and Palestinians in Israel, that none is left for higher education. In a way, the senior lecturers are caught in a vicious circle - the more successful their incitement is, the more money the government pours into guarding Israel from attacks, and the less money is available to reward them. They are a victim of their own success. It's sad, really," said Tamir.

How sad is it? Read for yourself:
Academics Against Israel - from The Middle East Forum

Update on 19 November: INN reports that an Arab lecturer in Sapir College tried to deny entry to class from a student returning from
reserve duty.

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