Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Does the Nobel Prize Committee Discriminate Against Muslims?

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A new study is accusing the Nobel Prize committee of discriminating against Muslim culture. Conducted by Professor of Objective History, David Feldman from Berkeley University, the study compared the number of Nobel prizes won by Muslim individuals to that of other non-Muslims. The findings, according to Prof. Feldman are alarming, "Less than ten Muslims have won the prize since its inception, while it has been awarded to over 150 Jews," said the Professor who pointed out the discrepancy is glaring, considering that nearly a quarter of the world's population is Muslim while Jews make up less than one percent, "There can be only one explanation for this," said the Professor, "An underlying bias against Muslim culture."

According to Prof. Feldman, the Prize committee traditionally rewards individuals for their contributions to humanity, "But this was always judged by the subjective, humanist ideals which lie at the foundation of Western culture," says Prof. Feldman, "In other words, the Muslim culture, which has slightly different values can never be appreciated or rewarded by the committee."
Chairman of the Prize Committee, Johan Bjorg, responded by admitting that the Prize Committee may have been remiss in its considerations, "Normally we try to judge an entry on the degree to which it alleviates human suffering or increases human knowledge," said Bjorg, "But perhaps that is too narrow an approach."

According to Prof. Feldman the committee would do well to consider the exact opposite, "In order to be fully inclusive and multi-cultural, the committee should consider in a positive light the contributions of Muslim culture which are concentrated on advancing human suffering and increasing pain and agony in the world – only then could it possibly be considered fair and balanced," said the Professor, "After all, who are we to judge the merits of one approach over the other? Muslims have worked at developing different methods of murder and mayhem just as hard as the Jews have worked at inventing ways to heal their damage – it's just not fair to reward one contributing group and completely ignore the other," said the Professor.

If these suggestions are accepted, Prof. Feldman estimates that Muslims can close the "Nobel Prize Gap" with Jews within one generation, "If we give due consideration to the invention of the suicide bomber, the originality of killing civilians on their way to work, in buses, restaurants and coffee shops, the creative use of women and children in acts of mass murder, not to mention the sheer, evil genius displayed in the use of civilian airplanes to destroy buildings and kill thousands of people – then there is no doubt in my mind that the Muslims, if rewarded appropriately, can catch up quickly."

Well, sure looks like someone is getting rewarded for something (take a guess...), at least according to this very interesting post from the blog This Ongoing War:
"Giving foreign aid to terror-dependent regimes is an unbearably expensive deal"

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Batya said...

Why isn't there a category for terrorism?
Nobel Prize for Terrorism
We wouldn't get one.

satiricohen said...

I think there is such a category - it's called the Nobel Prize for Peace...But I see your point - it just isn't fair...