Sunday, December 9, 2007

Former DM, Amir Peretz , Now Showing in TA as Female Belly Dancer

ISL – Tel Aviv
In an astounding turn of events, Former Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz, after being ousted from his position for mismanaging the Lebanon War, is now appearing in Tel-Aviv night clubs as a female belly dancer.

Peretz, a long-time leader in Israeli labor organizations became head of the Labor Party in the last elections and went on to head the Ministry of Defense where his shortcomings, namely, his innate stupidity, formerly known to only a few observant Israelis, became widely recognized.
But after all the upheavals Peretz , the man, not the politician, seems at ease with himself today: "At first I was devastated, I toiled endlessly for years on behalf of the ungrateful public, but after a while I realized that this was a blessing in disguise – finally I had the time and leisure to do what I have always dreamed about – belly dancing."

But first, Peretz had to relocate to his hometown, Sderot. The transition from a safe, sheltered life in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv to the harrowing life in a border town under constant bombardment was difficult, "I was amazed at the transformation this town has undergone since I joined the cabinet a few years ago," Perez said, "It used to be a peaceful, friendly place, but it's become a living hell! Where is the Government in all this?" Peretz wonders.
Peretz also had some harsh words to the reigning Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, "His completely irresponsible attitude has caused a flourishing city to die." Peretz said, " It is unbelievable that people here are risking their lives everyday and the government does nothing to protect them."

"Sure, what do they care," Peretz said in anger, " living so far away from the front, in a sheltered, pampered life – they're completely out of touch with the reality of everyday life," Peretz said.
As a result of his recent experiences, the former minister has become disgusted with Israeli politics where everyone takes care of themselves, and the poor citizens of the country are left to the mercy of Palestinian terrorism, "This would never have happened under my watch," Peretz said.

However, if you are hoping that Peretz will re-enter Israeli politics and rescue Israel from itself –

you are mistaken because Peretz says that he isn't coming back, "I know that I could save the country if I wanted to, but the truth is that I am much happier where I am right now."

And "right now" happens to be the "Blue Flamingo" strip club in Ramat-Gan where Peretz, dressed up as female belly dancer does his thing to the vast enjoyment of the club patrons, "It's not as glamorous as being a hot-shot minister but truthfully, this feels more like the real me and that's the only thing that matters," says the new, humble and down-to-earth Peretz.
The host introduces his act. Peretz adjusts his makeup quickly, hitches his skirt for the last time and bids us farewell, "The show must go one," are his final words as he enters the limelight once again, the small, early crowd applauding politely.

Thank God – at least one incompetent Israeli politician has found his true place in this world. Now, if we could only get Olmert to follow suit… I'm sure he has some talent, I mean besides lying and swindling. Hmmm…maybe he can tap-dance?

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