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Israeli Lobby Forced NIE Report, Desertion of Israel at Annnapolis

ISL – Washington
Following two major shifts in American policy in the Middle-East, officials from the Bush Administration have admitted that both changes were the result of intense pressure on the part of the Israeli Lobby – a multi-pronged, omni-present and omnipotent lobby of pro-Israeli individuals and groups who have been secretly steering American policy in favor of Israel's interests for decades– as described recently by Professors Mearsheimer and Walt.

According to sources, the infamous Israeli Lobby has struck again. First, in Annapolis, it forced the humiliation of the Israeli delegation:

"The Jewish attendees had separate entrance ways, service entrances and were refused the touching, or shaking of hands by the so called moderate members of the Arab world as if the Jews were lepers. Certain members refused to wear the translation earphones when Olmert spoke. "
(From Atlas Shrugged)
This was done, apparently, to lull the Arab delegations into a false sense of security which was later used to manipulate them into conceding nothing and demanding everything. As a result, Israel continues to be isolated and fighting for its very life - an ideal situation which enables the Israeli Lobby to continue to portray Israel as a Western democracy surrounded by ruthless enemies that wish to destroy it - a situation the lobby has exploited for years.
The powerful Israeli Lobby also appears to have had a hand in Condi Rice's statement, comparing the plight of Palestinian genocidal terrorists to that of Black Americans in the sixties, "I know what it's like to be caught with a suicide belt on your way to kill Jewish civilians," said Rice, "My ancestors had the exact same problem," she confided to the Palestinian delegates.
Rice later admitted that what she actually meant to say was,

"There is no chance of peace until the Palestinians rid themselves of the scourge of Anti-Semitism, adhere to the rules of civilized war as set down in the Geneva Convention and stop the senseless, racist murder of innocent Christians and Jews in Israel."
Rice also intended to address the issue of Anti-Semitism and the lack of democracy and human rights in the Middle-Eastern Moslem countries in general, including Palestinian territory.

Unfortunately, as she later admitted to her closest friends, the Israeli Lobby got to her and forced her to completely change her feelings and words, "It was terrible," Rice allegedly said, The Israeli Lobby used me like I was a tool, a tiny, insignificant cog in its machineries of world domination."

And if that was not enough, the Israeli Lobby forced the controversial NIE which exonerates Iran and precludes any American strike on the country, essentially enabling it to freely obtain a nuclear weapon and destroy Israel at its convenience.
This, after an intensive campaign by the Bush Administration, intended to force Iran's fanatic regime to give up its pursuit of a doomsday weapon: "The about face of the Bush Administration is so unexpected, so radical and so astounding that there can be only one explanation," said foreign policy expert Walt Mearsheimer, "The Israeli Lobby has done it again!"

Damn that Israeli Lobby – It's everywhere!

This reminds me of a joke I read in a Hebrew book of jokes compiled by Adir Cohen. The book is called "The Great Jewish Book of Humor" and it is well worth the purchase, especially as a gift. Anyway, it goes like this:

Two Jews are sitting in a coffee shop in Vienna reading the papers. One is reading a Jewish newspaper and the other an anti-Semitic paper. One Jew asks the other:
"How can you stand reading that anti-Semitic rag? Doesn't it fill you with disgust? Why do you even look at it?"
"On the contrary my friend," answered the other, "I actually enjoy reading this paper. When I read a Jewish paper I am filled with pain and agony, sorrow and anger: the pogroms in Poland, persecution in Czechoslovakia, hatred of Jews in Hungary, trouble in Romania, disaster in Bulgaria, violence between Arabs and Jews in Israel. My God, how many disasters!
"But when I read the anti-Semitic newspaper I learn that the Jews are running the world, rulers ofthe biggest companies, and they control and manipulate heads of state. I see that they are financial overlords with tremendous influence and I am filled with a boundless happiness and delight…"

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