Thursday, December 20, 2007

Saudi Arabia Turning into Haven for Western Human Rights Activists

ISL – Riyadh

"Saudi justice is a bit firm but at least it is consistent" says newcomer to the Muslim kingdom, Bret Singleton, who is emigrating "To escape the dark dictatorship of the evil Bush Administration."
Bret, a minor leader in the world-wide human rights movement is just one of thousands of Westerners who have decided they have had it up to here with the suppression of human rights and the silencing of dissent in their Western liberal countries, and are now moving to greener pastures, such as Saudi Arabia.
Brett admits that the fact that the Kingdom has just celebrated its 136th beheading this year was a slight turnoff, "Personally, and as part of my human rights beliefs, I'm against capital punishment unless it involves killing Republicans or Israelis or Evangelical Christians," said Brett, "But as an immigrant I don't feel that it is appropriate for me to judge the local culture or try to change it."

Stephanie Colcott, a leading Feminist from Seattle left the States just two months ago, "To escape the Patriarchial despotism of Western culture" as she put it, "I wanted to live in a country where women rights are respected and protected."
Stephanie says that Muslim culture has a great respect for her femininity, "As long as you dress appropriately and don't drive a car, and never go outside without a male escort from your family and don't get an education, and don't leave home to become independent, and don't put on make up or nail polish, and don't refuse an arranged marriage, and agree to have your genitals mutilated – you're fine."

The Saudi Justice Ministry uses beheading, cutting off of hands, whip lashing and stoning of criminals in order to impose a traditional Muslim order on the population. Surprisingly, these harsh measures have, in fact, been a major attraction for Westerners with a liberal outlook who are sick of the way Western democracies handle their domestic issues, "As a long time liberal and human rights activist I found Saudi justice to be a bit stern, at least at the beginning," said the new émigré , Michael Ashton, "But when you see how disciplined the population is, how obedient and orderly, you can't help but feeling that perhaps the Saudis have caught onto something."
Michael says

that after living in the country for a year he sees many aspects of Saudi life that can be imported successfully to the United States, " If we could cut off the hands and tongues of every Administration official that has lied to the people, and every opponent of Abortion, and all the wicked people that hate Al Gore and are ruining the environment just to spite him, then perhaps America could become once more a decent place to live in. But until then," said the former Amnesty chief, "I'll be staying right here, where I can be a free man."

Saudi officials say that they accept Western immigration with open arms although they make it clear that all newcomers must adhere to the local customs or else be punished severely.
Related to this is another requirement which not many immigrants are aware of, specifically, article 35B/c1 in section 456 of the Sharia code of law which clearly states that "Immigrants to the Kingdom are given one year to convert to Islam, if they have not already done so, on pain of death."
The officials disclosed that this minor clause in the immigration laws has never been a problem, "You'd be surprised how many people choose to believe in Allah and His Prophet Muhammad, once they are faced with the choice between Islam and death," they explained.

Actually, I'm not surprised at all, considering that is exactly how Islam spread throughout the world, including the horrific case of India.

Mere Rhetoric has you covered if you're a Feminist enraptured by Muslim culture. - Think again, woman.

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