Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sociologist Uncovers New Israeli Abomination: IDF Soldiers Not Raping Arab Women!

ISL – Jeruslaem

Finally, some good news for women: Israeli sociologist Tal Nitzan, conducting groundbreaking research, has discovered that, contrary to popular belief, getting raped and not getting raped feel exactly the same. The prize-winning research compared the experiences of women who were gang-raped by Serbian soldiers to the experiences of Palestinian women who weren't raped at all by Israeli soldiers, reaching the surprising conclusion that the experience of both groups of women is exactly the same, "This is why we have scientific research – to challenge our traditional beliefs and discover the truth, using the best political methods available," said Nizan, a graduate student in the Hebrew University.

Nizan says that the most difficult thing in the research was hearing firsthand about the horrifying experiences of the poor Arab woman who did not get raped, "The pain, the suffering and the sheer degradation of this experience is hard to believe," said Nizan,"For most Arab women, the scars of not being raped will never heal – this is just one more appalling by-product of the occupation."

In Israel, many were shocked and dismayed at the result of the research. IDF Chief, Gabi Ashkenazi, issued an apology to all Arab women for not getting raped and promised to conduct a thorough investigation as to the reasons, "Obviously, we are doing the best we can to encourage our soldiers to rape Arab women in order to avoid offending them," Ashkenazi said, "After all, as Nizan has pointed out, the reality of occupation is difficult enough without having to go through the life-scarring experience of not getting raped as well."

MK Galon from Meretz praised Nitzan and thanked her for uncovering this dehumanizing behavior, "This just proves what we've been saying all along – the occupation is corrupting Israeli society."
Galon went on to suggest

that Israel establish Non-Rape Crisis Centers in the occupied territories in order to treat the hundreds of thousand of women who have not been raped by Israeli soldiers, "It's the least we can do," said Galon.
However, others seem prepared to go one step further, "These soldiers should be investigated," said Ahmad Tibbi, "And if they are found guilty of not raping our women – they should be tried and sentenced for their crimes against humanity.
"We demand equality," Tibi said, "Our woman are just as rape-worthy as any other woman and besides, when we have the opportunity to rape Jewish women we do it, so why can't Israeli soldiers show some humanity, some compassion, and rape our women when they get the chance? What is wrong with you guys?" asked Ahmad Tibi.

Good question: what is wrong with us Jews?

What is wrong is that we are paying for this filthy piece of propaganda, thinly disguised as research, and that these researchers are currently on strike in order to get more taxpayer money in order to produce more political research, "proving" whatever cockamamie ideas that are currently acceptable by the world-wide moon-bat community.

In Hebrew they say that shit rises to the top. I guess that this research has, at least, proven that adage quite true. But it still wasn't worth it.

Big big hat-tip goes to Mother in Israel for reporting this and translating to Hebrew from Makor-Rishon.

World-Wide Anti-Israeli Efforts Slowing Down Due to Senior Lecturer's Strike

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mother in israel said...

The article is up--sure they have a website.;jsessionid=3edb07f230d58504fbc4668e45c38b5688e967aee9e7.e34Mc3aTbNiTby0LaxmNbxqRchmMe0?articleId=27530&channel=1&subchannel=2

satiricohen said...

I got a different address when I searched for "Makor Rishon".
In any case - thanks.

Yehu said...

Skoyach, shkoyach, shkoyach for a a gutter gelechter... Ich hob kum farloiren mein * fun gelechter!

Very well stated! THX.

satiricohen said...

Yehu - I don't understand Yiddish so I don't know what you are saying, but I take it that you enjoyed the post and I'm happy for that.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Calvin said...

in Hebrew they say that 'shit floats', to be exact, and that "mi shemashkia- shoke'a" - which means:
if you're a good guy and you contribute ('invest', literally)and work hard, you sink, and if you're a shit, you float and just cruise along...
what you prob. meant is that the truth will eventually come to light and that not 'shit floats' :-)

satiricohen said...

Calvin: I meant "shit floats" because these researchers have risen to the top of their profession just like shit...

Dr. Guy said...

I'd be very careful about lumping all Israeli professors into one group. I did both my Bachelors and Masters at Ben Gurion U. and got an excellent, first-rate education. Granted, I was also studying in the physical sciences, so there's a lot less room for idiocy there, unlike the humanities where there is a lot of stupidity masquerading as ingenuity.

satiricohen said...

Dr. Guy - thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Actually I quite agree with you. I know the Israeli academia quite well and there is a big difference between departments. Some are great and some are terrible. The physical sciences are a completely different story, at least until someone decides that 2+2=5, depending on the point of view...

In the case of the Sociology and Anthropology Departments in the HU I can assure you - they are really terrible. This report is no accident.
I believe you can actually damage your brain listening to such stupid people.

Roger W. Gardner said...

Hi! First time visit.

A terrific article and great comments.
"stupidity masquerading as ingenuity." Thank you dr.guy.
Now there's something worth quoting.

I'll definitely be coming back for more.

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