Saturday, January 5, 2008

Best of Middle East Satire Issue No. 1

I thought it would be a nice idea to scour the internet every week and at the end of it give my readers a roundup of the best satire on the web concerning the Middle East. So I tried it this week and the results were somewhat discouraging. First of all there no websites devoted to satire in the Middle East that I could find, excluding Dry Bones, which you all probably already know and cherish. It seems odd considering that the region is constantly in the news.

Then I said that I would just gather the best stuff from regular satire sites like Scrappleface and the Onion. But they did not have anything recent about the Middle East. I then searched the web for any satire sites at all, in English. I went through about a hundred satire sites. A majority of them were discontinued, even the good ones like Satire Wire. Pretty depressing for a new satire site and it also makes Dry Bones 35th birthday all the more notable – it is really difficult to keep up a high quality satire for any length of time, let alone 35 years. Kol Ha Kavod Yaakov!
Anyway in all these sites I was only able to find one satire piece concerning the Middle East that was written this week (see below).

After this I had the idea that there must be tons of satire sites in the Arab world – after all, Muslim culture today is the leading source of satire worldwide. True, the sites are probably in Arabic but I reasoned that there must be a few aimed at the English speaking world. Apparently, though, I was wrong. Using a large Arab blog portal called AlBab I went through a lot of Arab blogs in English and did not find one that dealt explicitly with satire. I found that very weird.

So, what all this means is that my dream of a weekly roundup of ME satire in the past week is looking unattainable. So I decided to do the next best thing – I will try to bring you the best ME satire I found the past week but it will not necessarily be up to date. That's not too bad because a lot of good satire has been written in the past about the region and perhaps, like me, you were unaware of it.

Finally, if you own a ME satire site in English or know of one, please inform me through the comments or by Email (on the sidebar). It does not have to be necessarily conservative. I'm sure there is a lot to ridicule about Zionists and Jews - although why one would want to parody the finest, humblest nation on earth is beyond me - but as long as it is not hateful and it is in good taste them I'm ok with it.

Now to this weeks picks:

First is a recent post from this very week . It looks like a caption contest called Lolterizt (I'm guessing lol terrorists) at the IMAO political humor blog. There's some funny pictures there.

Second is an absolute must- see gem of a video. It is a hilarious song called "I Wanna Be Like Osama" from the theatrical production "Jihad - The Musical". This show ran in the Edinborough Fringe Festival the past summer. The magnificent singer and performer is Sorab Wadia. Even if you have a slow connection it is well worth the wait in my opinion.

This is a short one from the now defunct but always excellent Satire Wire. Sadly, five years later this is still relevant.

A nice joke from Jewlarious , at Aish called Iranian Nights. Personally I would be satisfied with far less than that...

An AlQaeda Recruitng video - pretty hilarious (if you're not a terrorist) but the video is quite slow loading up.

And finally, an absolute must see clip from Israel. It is called "Security Groove" and created by the excellent Israeli comedian Idan Alterman. I'm not sure if this was intended to be a satire piece or just a sad or poignant video of the reality in Israel. But the truth is that security during all the wars was never as bad a concern as it is today.
15 years after Israel signed the Oslo Peace Accords, the situation for both Israelis and Palestinians is far worse than it ever was before. Watch and weep - and laugh. Because it's really funny, and we're Jewish and besides, what else can we do???

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of The Best Middle East Satire Links on the Web. Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome!
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Michelle Nevada ( said...


OK, maybe not as good as your videos, but I had a pretty good post about Mohammed becoming the second favorite name in the UK. I don't have a satire site, but there are some great things in the regular sites every once in a while. Here's mine:


If England’s population is only made up of three percent Muslims, but the name “Mohammed” is the second most popular name, this tells me that the secular humanist British public is not making babies at the same rate as their Islamic neighbors are.

It’s the same story in the rest of Europe.

Now, following the “population explosion” line of logic, I feel it will be necessary, demographically, to set aside large sections of Manchester, London, and Chelsea in order for the Muslim population to have a homeland in England.

The other European nations must also follow suit, setting aside large parts of major cities (Paris, for example, could become the Muslim capital of Europe) for their Muslim inhabitants to have a place to live by Sharia law because, as we know, they can’t live under the government of the European nations, as those governments are incapable of giving the Muslims enough rights to conduct themselves as they wish.

England must also hand over most of the largely unused cathedrals, churches, and university chapels to the Muslims in order for them to convert them to mosques. (They would become Muslim holy sites).

Of course, members of the British public who hold land in the areas of the new Muslim state must move immediately and cede all their belongings to the new Muslim government.

If the new Muslim nation wishes to set up their government offices at Buckingham Palace, the royal family will need to be moved. In order to accommodate the sensibilities of the British public, the Muslims may decide to allow the British public one small wall on the Western side of Buckingham Palace to remain in British hands so that the ceremonial changing of the guard and other British pastimes may occur, just as long as no British people set foot in the Palace area itself, as it would be an affront to Islam.


satiricohen said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting.I just wonder how soon till your satire moves from the blog to the front pages??
Pity about Paris though. I really like that city.