Friday, January 11, 2008

Best of Middle East Satire Issue No. 2

Welcome to the second issue of ME satire links. As I explained in the first issue, I aim to gather the best satire published on the net in the past week and present it to my readers. In the event that I did not find any from this week - I will go back in time to unearth some gems which, perhaps, have gone unnoticed or at least are worth remembering.
If you know of a ME satire site or a related post that is worthy, please tell me about it in the comments or by email so that others may enjoy it as well.

Note:If you are reading this from a feed you will not be able to see the videos.

This week's picks

First we have one of the best cartoons I've seen about Israel's tireless, utterly futile efforts to make peace with its neighbors, from a large joke site called Jib-Jab. Really, all you need to know about "Peace" in one image.

Second is a long post titled "What every woman knows.... " from a discontinued Saudi blog .
It is about the situation of women in the Kingdom and what to do about it. This was not intended as satire but there are some funny parts, especially if you scroll down to his "Guide to a Visit in a Saudi House". Really useful, especially for us Jews...anyway, I think the post itself is very interesting, besides being somewhat humorous.

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Would you believe a satire piece about Hizbullah aired on Lebanese TV? According to the guy who posted this on YouTube the Shiites rioted and it was taken down. I bet they don't have any mirrors in their houses either...fortunately us infidels invented the internet so hopefully it will live forever ! I hope the comedians themselves weren't killed by those strict adherents of the "Religion of Peace".

And here is a marvelous video posted on Youtube by "Someone Had To". It is a brilliant satire of the BBC coverage of the region. At least I think it is satire. The way the BBC is going these days it really is hard to tell...

And finally, everything you need to know about "Offended Muslim Syndrome" from a really fantastic site called "The People's Cube". Lot's of funny stuff in the comments there too.

I hope you enjoyed the second issue of The Best Middle East Satire Links! Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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