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Dozens Injured in Meretz Infighting as Palestinian Civil War Spreads to Israel

ISL – Ramat Ha-Sharon

Just days after eight Palestinians were killed in the ongoing civil war in Gaza, the bitter rivalry between the Fatah and Hamas movement spilled over into Israeli politics as well. The violent incident occurred during a regular meeting of the Meretz executive committee intended to discuss routine matters such as the ongoing crimes of the Jewish people against humanity. Unfortunately, instead of showing a united front vis-à-vis the Zionist government, the meeting deteriorated into a free for all in which dozens of senior party members were injured.

As of now, it is unclear how the fighting started. According to one witness everything began when senior Mk Zehava Galon called Yossi Beilin a 'Zionist', "After that all hell broke loose, " said the witness, "Yossi can't stand being called a Zionist – it just drives him crazy. It's like calling Marty Mcfly: 'chicken'."

Others said that the tensions between the two factions in Meretz – the Fatah faction led by Yossi Beilin and including Yael Dayan, Mossi Raz and others and the Hamas faction headed by Galon and Oron were bound to come to a head sooner or later, "No one is surprised," said Meretz members a day after the carnage, "The tension has been in the air for several months – ever since the takeover of Gaza by the Hamas."

In any case, after being called a Zionist, it seems that the enraged Beilin promptly smashed a chair over Galon's head and proceeded to attack his bitter rival, Haim Oron. Beilin jumped over the conference table and tackled Oron who tried to stab Beilin with a pencil. Supporters of both sides took out their weapons - pen cases and sharp paper edges - and joined in the fray.

By the end of the day , the authorities counted dozens of moderately wounded Meretz members– mostly from paper cuts - the majority of whom have already been treated and released to their homes. Only Galon and Beilin are still hospitalized - Galon for a mild concussion and Beilin for being a jerk.

Palestinian leaders from the Hamas and Fatah denounced the violence saying that the only thing standing between the Palestinians and a complete Zionist victory is the steadfast strength of the Israeli Palestinian Liberation Organization (IPLO), "Without you we are nothing," said Abbas who visited Galon. A Hamas spokesman said that he hopes that the violence will prove to their Jewish supporters the importance of converting to a more peaceful religion such as Islam, "Obviously, such brutality would never occur if Meretz members were Muslims." The Hamas government also extended an invitation to both side to come to Gaza "To talk it over."

Long time Israeli politicians said that they are not surprised, "This just proves once again that 'Peace now' causes war and violence," said Likud leader, Bibi Netanyahu,

"'Peace now' has a corrupting and immoral influence on Israeli society and the Meretz melee is just another example in a long list which includes the corruption of the judiciary, the press and the police," said Bibi who concluded, "If you sleep with dogs, you will wake up with fleas."

Coincidentally, the police have not yet arrested anyone. Galon said that she will not press charges against Beilin, "Even though he is a fascist pig and a Zionist tool" in order not to embarrass the party further. Beilin said that as far as he is concerned the matter is water under the bridge, "I'm just sorry I didn't murder the sanctimonious bitch when I hit her on the head with that chair," said Beilin.

In a mutual statement issued by both, they expressed their sincere regret and their mutual desire to continue the revolution till victory, "A foul Zionist scheme caused members of Meretz to lose their heads temporarily and turn against their brothers," said the announcement, "But to no avail – we remain united in our determination to resist the Zionist forces of occupation and fight them till victory is ours."

After which of course, in the best tradition of Leftist parties all over the world, they will turn against each other. I just wish we could reverse the order…can't they destroy themselves before they destroy all of us?

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