Monday, January 21, 2008

Isn't it Ironic?

Just days after arresting protesters in the city, Olmert visits Sderot and - surprise! - finds that:
"Determination is Increasing in Sderot", according to the article from INN.

Now, isn't it amazing what arresting your critics can do? I bet the people in Sderot were determined - absolutely, irrevocably determined - not to go to jail!

No doubt, the citizens of Sderot lined up in the streets by their thousands, cheering the Great Leader's motorcade and waving flags.

But maybe not. Maybe it went down like I described in this post written many months ago:
Olmert Celebrates Success of Gaza Pullout With Tour of Bombed Communities

Either way, it's ironic, I think.

See also: the post from yesterday - Government Crushes Insurgency in Sderot, Blames Settlers
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