Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Judges Guild Denounces Supreme Court Reform

ISL – Jerusalem
The Israeli Guild of Judges issued a formal statement today, denouncing the reforms initiated by Minister of Justice Professor Daniel Friedman. The reforms aim to install modern, democratic procedures in the training and election of judges in the Israeli judicial system but they have come under fire by numerous opponents, chief among them the all powerful Judges Guild.

The Israeli Guild of Judges was established in 1886 in Petah Tikva by the Honorable Yerehmiel Barak, great-great grandfather of the retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Aharon Barak the Tenth . The guild served the growing Jewish community in its secular affairs and with the establishment of the State of Israel the Guild's position as sole arbiter and judge in the country was formally ratified. Since then, all judges are trained and appointed by the Guild in procedures that are shrouded in mystery, "No one knows exactly how a new judge is appointed or why," says legal expert Professor Ruth Gabison, who has dedicated her life to fighting the Guild, "And the few who came close to discovering their secrets have disappeared and were never seen again."

Chief Justice Dorit Beinish the Fourth, who's family became a member of the Guild in the 1950's said that the Guild has served the Israeli public for years in the most professional way possible, "The Guild is good for everybody," said Beinish, "Only we know how to properly train a judge and our procedure for selection to the bench has never failed us," said the Chief Justice, "The Guild always chooses the best and most appropriate judges -as indicated by my own selection," said the Chief Justice.
"The fact is that complaints are few and far between and they are dealt with in the most professional manner," said Beinish " I know because I have dealt with such complaints myself, such as the ridiculous charges of corruption against my husband who, I can assure you - since I dealt with the matter personally - turned out to be completely innocent."

Beinish said that the reforms would be a tragedy for the whole country, "Better to stick with the tried and true than risk the hazards of the unknown as the saying goes," said the Chief Judge, who also expressed concern for the public who is used to the current system,

"Over the years the Guild has refined its definition of Justice in a manner that only other professional judges trained by the Guild can recognize it as such – any tampering with the system will inevitably result in confusion and disappointment on the part of the public who has come to rely on our judgement in all matters, public and private," Beinish warned.

But despite these misgivings, the Minister of Justice said that he would push on with the reforms, "There is no doubt that guilds can play a useful and even important part in society, especially in a medieval society," said Prof. Friedman, "However, seeing as we have already begun the 21st century and we live in a democratic society, I find it hard to justify the continued existence of a Judicial Guild which is beginning to look increasingly like a cabal of power hungry, corrupt judges as opposed to a professional service to the public."

The one thing that truly amazes me about Friedman's actions while in office is his continued existence. I mean, how is that we haven't found out yet that he has been raping his two daughters since they were children? Or that he is an embezzler, a drug addict, a secret admirer of Rabbi Kahane and, generally speaking, enemy of the people number one? Where are you Manny Mazoz? Where are the police and the reporters when you really need them to make up some charges and frame a guy who is clearly a menace to mankind?
I'm telling you, our society is going to pieces…

The reforms as reported by INN

Husband of Supreme Court Chief not charged with anything - yeah, big surprise.

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