Monday, January 14, 2008

Only 3 Killed and 16 Wounded in Tolerance Festival in Yemen

ISL – Yemen
Yemenite citizens went out to the streets yesterday to celebrate the Tolerance and Conciliation Festival but returned to their homes extremely disappointed as the number of dead and wounded was less than twenty – far less than prior years.

The festival of Tolerance and Conciliation is celebrated each year in commemoration of the occasion on which the president of the country, Mr. Ali Nasser decided that he could no longer tolerate the existence of his rival, Minister of Defense Ahmed Gazi. In the ensuing festivities, thousands of Yemenites decided to reconcile their fellow man with their Maker. All in all, thirteen thousand were reconciled and tolerated in just two weeks.

However, that was over twenty years ago and the times have changed, some would even say degenerated. Today, hired crews erect stages and put up billboards and the young people of the country dance all night to the beat of Hip Hop star Ahmad Gibril and his Suicide Band or the ever popular Rhythm and Jews band "The Blood Brothers."
Only the older people and the younger traditionalists take the trouble to actually get into the mood of the festival and really tolerate other people and reconcile them and it is they who have been largely responsible for the success of the festival in recent years, in which hundreds of celebrating Yemenites continued their celebration in a better world.

However, it seems that even their authentic enthusiasm has been contaminated with the modern disease of self-indulgence and unadulterated egoism, "Nobody seems to care anymore how many people are tolerated in the festival," said old-timer Abdallah Hatab, a simple trader in virgin sex slaves from the city of Aden, "In our day, we didn't bother to come home before we reconciled ten or twenty other people at least, but our traditions are being ruined," said Abdallah pointing to a nearby McShiekh's , "Western imperialism is robbing us of our heritage and nobody cares," he concluded sadly.

But all hope is not lost for the cherished Yemenite traditions – yesterday, at the height of the festivities, when despair was high and the darkness of modern times seemed to envelope and swallow all, a group of steadfast and loyal Yemenites took over the stage and in one proud burst of old-fashioned tolerance, killed three, and wounded 16 others.
"Hopefully, this is a sign of better days," said the rusty trader, "Perhaps even a return to the great days of Tolerance and Conciliation."

Well, what do us humans have if not our hopes and dreams?

In the photo: A McShiekh's in Yemen. Yet another example of Western civilization shattering the innocence and purity of Middle Eastern culture:

Hat tip: Yemen: "Tolerance and Conciliation Festival" nets 3 dead, 16 wounded from Eye on the World
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