Thursday, January 24, 2008

Palestinian Head Janitor Threatens to Quit Over Messy Gaza Operations

ISL – Ramallah

Mahmoud Abbas, the Head Palestinian Janitor for the Ramallah Compound has threatened to resign his position if Israel does not stop the barbaric attacks in Gaza, "I am sick and tired of cleaning up after everybody," said Abbas to reporters, "For years I have been asking people to keep everything tidy – I mean, how hard is it to pick up the street after you bomb somebody?"
Abbas appealed to both sides sensibilities, "Living in a clean, orderly country without unnecessary body parts lying around will make for a much nicer environment for both Israelis and Palestinians," said the pedantic Head Janitor, who did, however, single out Israel for her recent attacks in Gaza, "Israel has really messed up Gaza – I've never seen such a balagan in my life," said Abbas, "Gaza looks worse than the Ramallah police station did after the New Year's Bash and I still haven't finished cleaning up that mess!"

Abbas added that although, strictly speaking, he is no longer responsible for the Gaza Strip, he feels a moral obligation as a Janitor to speak out in this matter, "Any housekeeper can understand that what is going on in Gaza today means more housework tomorrow," said Abbas, "And frankly, I don't think I can take it anymore."

In the photo: A grumpy Abbas cleans up the Ramallah Compound


Abbas threatens to quit if 'escalation' continues from the Jpost

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