Wednesday, January 9, 2008

President Bush Visit to Bring Peace, Solve Global Warming, End Poverty

ISL – Jerusalem

Expectations are running high in the Middle East in preparation for the visit of the Almighty President of the United States. The region's simple and somewhat superstitious peoples are hanging all their hopes on this visit. Even the intellectual elites cannot help but get caught up in the almost religious fervor that has gripped the Middle East. Some hope that a word from the All Knowing Bush in the right ear at the right time will convince Israel and the Palestinians to kiss and make up for good. Others are hoping for a break in the winter drought that has hit the region. Thousands of children have written letters to the White House ahead of the visit, asking for everything from the newest Ipod, to World Peace. But can the Almighty President Bush deliver? Will He? Does the Wise and All Powerful Bush care at all about us?

These questions are difficult to answer. There is no doubt that if He wants to – He can perform all of these miracles. After all, that is why people call him The Almighty Bush and fear Him and His awesome, unlimited Power. Everyone recalls, for instance, how He ordered the end of the Evil Iraqi Empire – and it was so. It is enough to remember the recent Annapolis Peace Conference in which the region's problems were miraculously solved instantly and painlessly, for the hundredth time. Old timers may also remember how Bush performed the "Miracle of the Guarantee" in which He promised that a small part of the Promised Land may, perhaps, one day, remain under Israeli control.
So, there is no doubt that the President of the United states can do anything He wants. The question is – what does He want?

Unfortunately , that question admits to no easy answer. How can ordinary people, as insightful and intelligent as they may be hope to penetrate the vast, intricate considerations of such a far-sighted being as The President of the United States? And yet, what else can we do but speculate about His actions which, after all, determine our future?

Such speculation will show that His actions have varied – at times He is generous, raining money and weapons on all the peoples of the region, Israelis, Palestinians, Egyptians, Saudis and even the Iraqis, who, unfortunately, received their weaponry unpacked. Other times He is petulant and His face is turned from us - strong statements are issued in support of our enemies who grow powerful and beleaguer us. Then there is no rain, the land is barren and no weapons grow. And then, after a while, the sun comes out again and smiles upon us and all is as before. Why the change? Why the change back? No one knows and it is doubtful if we ever will. His ways are inscrutable and not to be questioned by mortal man - be he political observer or wishful editor.

So be it. We must resign ourselves to accept The President's will and hope and pray for the best.
At this time, His visit has begun and His feet have touched upon the earth of our fortunate nation and blessed it. All praise the Bush!
May His will be done.

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