Friday, January 25, 2008

Best of Middle East Satire Links Issue No. 3

Welcome to the third issue of ME satire links. As I explained in the first issue, I aim to gather the best satire published on the net in the past week and present it to my readers. In the event that I did not find any from this week - I will go back in time to unearth some gems which, perhaps, have gone unnoticed or at least are worth remembering.
If you know of a ME satire site or a related post that is worthy, please tell me about it in the comments or by email so that others may enjoy it as well.

Note:If you are reading this from a feed you will not be able to see the videos.

This week's picks:

First, a great cartoon about the situation in Sderot. Like they say, a picture is better than a thousand words. I found this page of political cartoons by Steve Greenberg on a "Christians Standing With Israel" website. I never heard of him before but he is a longtime cartoonist and an excellent one at that. Check out his site - there's lots to see there.

An absolutely hysterical piece from Jerusalem Online. Would you believe Ahmadenijad has a stand up routine, and that it's really funny? Click here to find out why Iran needs a nuclear reactor for civilian purposes. I wish I wrote this piece.

Another piece from Arabs who have a sense of humor about themselves. Nice to know such people exist, in Syria of all places! There is a transcript from Memri here and the video itself is here. It's a bit long - ten minutes - but I thought it was pretty good.

A good piece called "Israel Retaliates for Palestinian Reprisals Over Israeli Retribution
" from a liberal website called "Democracy Means You".
I admit that sometimes it really looks like an endless, hopeless, senseless cycle of violence and they do a good job of conveying that feeling . Of course, in the real world, there is a rhyme and reason to such violence but I do not expect liberals to make any intellectual effort to understand this - they are like children, simple and mischievous and should be kept away from the fireplace at all costs, lest they accidentally - on purpose burn the house down...

This is not, strictly speaking, about the Middle East, since it deals with our basic predicament - being Chosen - in a humorous way, from the now defunct satirewire. Read it here.

Ever wondered what a terrorist dating service looks like? Watch this from to find out:

Finally, something that is really off topic here but I enjoyed it so much I thought it merits mentioning anyway.
Iowahawk wrote a really funny piece this week about some usual shoddy, seditious piece of journalism on the part of the New York Times ("The Truth Is Not An Option!") concerning U.S. Marines, and followed it up with an even better post - kicking off his campaign against violent media personnel with some fabulous posters. I'm sure Israeli media consumers can relate!

And this just in: A last minute submission from Radarsite describing the successful tour of the Saudi Muslim Symphony Orchestra. It's as ridiculous as it sounds...

I hope you enjoyed the third edition of The Best Middle East Satire Links on the Web. Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome!

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Roger W. Gardner said...

Thanks ISl for cross posting my MSO piece. I only wish it was a true account; but unfortunately it seems that whenever the Arab/Muslims get really organinized about something the results are seldom musical.

I really love your site. Keep up the good work.

satiricohen said...

You're welcome, Roger.