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Feminism Originated in Islam Says Radical Muslim Feminist

ISL – London

Mad at the English public for completely and often willfully misunderstanding their religion, liberated Muslim women are now striking back.
Led by the Muslim Feminists Association in London, these women are determined to show the Western culture they live in that the noble values of Islam have preceded those of the West by millennia, especially in the realm of feminism.

"We find it ridiculous that Western media try to preach to us about human rights for women," Says Um-Jihad, mother of ten from London and member of the Association, "When everybody knows that Islam gave them to us ages ago. For instance, we have had the right to refuse marriage for over a thousand years. A whole millennium before Western women even began thinking about it," said Um-Jihad, "Although, to be sure, why would any woman refuse to marry the man that her own parents have found for her? What woman would be so unashamed as to cruelly and ungratefully reject the advice and the express wishes of her parents who gave her life and nourishment when she was only a troublesome, worthless baby girl, when they would have been perfectly within their rights to strand her and leave her to die, buried in the cold, dry sand?
"It goes beyond saying that no Muslim woman would do such a thing. We are not Western hussies," says Um-Jihad,who continued her tirade against Western misconceptions:

"Yes, Islam has given us the right to divorce. Moslem women have had that right for centuries. But that doesn't mean you should go ahead and break up your family the minute things don’t go exactly your way, does it now? After all, who will provide for the children? Who will fend off other men? I mean, why make such a fuss over a slap or two from your husband? Between me and you, chances are that you deserve it," said Um-Jihad, who denied that Muslim women are deterred from seeking divorce for fear they will be murdered.

"Poppy-cock" said the Muslim Feminist, "That is part of Western propaganda against Islam. Sure, our men are hot-headed sometimes and they are apt to lose control but that is just the way they are. Even if they do murder their wives from time to time, why, they are well within their rights – they have rights too you know - and anyway, it is better than your weak, miserable, pathetic Western men, who do not know how to handle their women.

"Women are far better off in Islam because Muslim men are real men, who know how to treat a women right. Women need to get slapped around a bit. It is good for us, believe me. That is why so many Western women are now looking desperately for Muslim husbands. All the rights in the world are not worth anything without a real man in the house."

Um-Jihad lauds Muslim Feminists who, ages ago, fought for the right of women to not run for office, not drive a car, not vote and not have any legal rights in a court of law "Our fore-mothers understood that life is complicated enough without women getting in the way of their men. That is why we fought for the right to remain in our homes, covered from head to toe. That way we can be ourselves and no one can stop us. How can a woman ask for any more freedom than to be herself?" asked Um-Jihad.

"Look at your Western women with their so-called rights – are they any happier than I am? I have a wonderful husband, who is so good at his job that he has been forced into hiding from the Zionists for the past eleven years and ten glorious kids – two of whom have already killed dozens of infidels in Iraq, before going to their heavenly paradise and Insh'Allah, and two more committed sons on the way. So, you tell me, can life get any better for me as a wife and a mother - as a woman?
"I have a successful husband, kids who, despite growing up in the decadent West, know the difference between right and wrong and are willing to give up their lives for their ideals – I mean, what more can a woman wish for?"

Hmmm. She nearly has
me convinced , this Muslim Feminist. Sure sounds like the life to me. Now, if only I could get my wife to listen to reason…

Hat tip: JudeoPundit who brings us this hilarious piece: "MPAC-UK: Letter from a Sharia suffragette"

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