Sunday, February 3, 2008

Islamists Promote Disabled Women in Iraq!

ISL – Baghdad
Islam is often attacked for its patriarchal attitude towards women – the head to toe covering, polygamy, genital mutilation of females and a complete lack of rights in the Islamic legal system have been seized upon by Western, right-wing extremists as examples of the racism, chauvinism and sheer evil underlying radical Islam.
But, undeterred by these shallow critics, Islamists continue to forge a path ahead into the 21st century, for themselves as well as for decadent Western society, which has much to learn from the Islamists' most recent advancement : complete equality for the disabled, including, at long last, disabled women!

This landmark was achieved just two days ago when Islamist activists hired two retarded women for the job of carrying a load of explosives and ball bearings into the busy animal market in Baghdad. Upon arriving at the market, the women's contract was terminated by remote control, incidentally killing and injuring more than a hundred innocent bystanders.
Although it is true that the women did not manage to hold on to their job for very long, prominent Western feminists have reacted favorably to the precedent set by Al-Kaeda terrorists, ""Maybe next time they'll do better," said Beth Goldstein, Head of the "Feminists for Sharia Alliance" which has its headquarters in Berkely (where else?), "The important thing is that people can now see that disabled women can be productive and contribute greatly to Muslim society."

Shiek Kattel Al-Niswan , Head of the Human Rights Section in Al-Kaeda, said that he had lobbied for over a year in order to get the organization to agree to employ disabled women,

"Most Muslim terrorists have an innate distrust of women, especially if they can barely talk or understand what is said to them," said Al-Niswan, "It is a result of a traditional education to which many of them have been exposed,"
the Sheikh lamented.
Shiek Al-Niswan also said that he hopes that the success of the first two female employees will turn the tide against prejudice and discrimination in the Al-Kaeda organization, "Hopefully this will mark the dawning of a new age in which disabled men, women, and children will have an equal opportunity to kill infidels."
The Shiekh also hopes that this successful experiment will pave the way for gay women and men, "I am positive that gay people can contribute greatly to the establishment of a just Islamic society," said Al-Niswan, "It is only a matter of time before they are too accepted as bona fide suicide bombers and then, finally, no one will be able to point a finger at Muslim society and say that we are evil or racist."

OK. Let me get this straight. I imagine that, according to the current rate, disabled women suicide bombers get 72 disabled virgin males, right? So, does that mean that a homosexual suicide bomber gets 72 virgin homosexuals?
And, finally, would that come with 72 bottles of virgin olive oil? I'm just asking…

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