Sunday, February 10, 2008

Israeli Government Hits Palestinians with Harsh Concessions After Sderot Attack

ISL - Jerusalem
In an emergency meeting following the tragic injuries sustained by two Sderot children, Olmert promised the nation revenge, " We will reach all terrorists wherever they are," vowed Olmert, "And when we find them, we will talk to them, we will concede everything we have and hopefully we will be able to make peace with them."
Olmert made it clear that defending Israel is not an option, " I was elected on a platform of make-believe peace combined with a real neglect of the welfare of Israel," Olmert said," How would it look if I now reneged on my campaign promises? Who would ever trust me again?" Olmert asked.

However, Olmert emphasized that he is truly touched by the plight of Sderot citizens and other communities near Gaza who are now suffering from the results of the Disengagement which Olmert supported and engineered, "I don't want people to get the wrong impression of me being callous and insensitive - on the contrary, I care deeply about what is happening to this country," said Olmert, "Which is why I absolutely must take a vacation - I just can't stand this terrible reality anymore," said Olmert, who begins his vacation in Berlin tomorrow. Olmert advised Sderot residents to do the same, "There is nothing like a good vacation at the taxpayer's expense to clear your head and get away from all the troubles at home," said the Prime Minister, "In my decades of public service this remedy has never failed me."

Despite this solid advice, hands-on Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak took a different approach, courageously going to visit Sderot to assess first hand the damage done to the city and to the inhabitant's morale. Unfortunately, his entourage was unable to locate the small desert city and ended up in Kibbutz Ein-Gedi instead. Arriving in the evening,

Barak crashed the weekly kibbutz meeting, commandeered the microphone and lectured the stunned kibbutz members, admonishing them for complaining about their conditions when, in reality, their situation was actually better than most places in Israel, "I wish the whole country had it as well as you do," said the Minister of Defense who also admonished the Israeli media "Who exaggerated everything and have it all wrong as usual."

Several people who tried to disrupt the speech and inform Barak that he was not in Sderot were mistaken for settlers and were quickly whisked away by his security guards. They will stand trial for sedition, rebellion, and attempted murder.

, in retaliation for the attack on Sderot, IDF forces attacked a large hole in the ground near Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip, which was seriously wounded . Later reports from the Palestinians confirmed that the hole was killed. Thousands of Palestinians were seen mourning the hole and vowing revenge. The hole's brother, a nearby shallow furrow was also hurt during the raid. The Ministry of Defense released a statement praising the operation but warning that there are still hundreds of dangerous holes in Gaza, "We will find every terrorist hole and destroy it," Barak promised, although he admitted that the origin of the violent holes remains a mystery.

Batya from Shiloh Musings says it best "Don't Blame the Kassams!"

The report from INN and the reactions from everybody.

Sderot residents, hundreds of protesters block J'lem entrance from Ha'aretz. It's nice that they are protesting but they really should be kicking themselves - they overwhelmingly voted for Olmert and Peretz in the last elections, even though their anti-Zionist stance was openly and clearly stated. Read about it here: Sderot Aftermath- Revisiting The 2006 Election Day Vote.

Let this be a lesson: A government that will not defend settlers, will also not defend any other Jew no matter what his political opinions or religious preferences are. We saw this in the recent Lebanon War and we see it everyday in the South.

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Chaya said...

Please send a get well e-mail to the two boys who were hit in the last attack in Sderot! Osher Tuito, eight years old, had his leg amputed and his brother, Rami, was seriously injured.