Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not Enough Violence in Palestinan Media, Classrooms, Experts Warn

ISL – Gaza

Recent research conducted by the Palestinian Institute for Reform in Education (PIRE) is causing a stir in Palestinian society. The research, whose main findings were published in the Hamas paper of note, "The Daily Beheading", ("All the infidels fit to kill"), blames Hamas for failing to reform Palestinian education as it promised before the elections, causing the level of Palestinian violence, especially among the younger generation, to reach an all-time low.

According to the research, conducted by Gamal Abu-Hussein, Professor of Propaganda at the Gaza University and his colleague, Dr. Nizar Shibli, a child psychologist who specializes in inducing violent psychological disorders in preschoolers, the current generation of Palestinian children, aged 3 to 18 are the least likely to become suicide bombers, the least likely to actively seek and kill infidels, and the least likely to kill their sisters, compared to previous generations.
"We are witnessing a full blown, unmitigated educational disaster," say the researchers, "The ripple effects of the lack of violence are already being felt, with a noticeable dip in honor killings and the resulting prostitution of our women, some of whom have become so daring as to openly flaunt their uncovered alluring noses in public," says Abu-Hussein.

How do the researchers square the evidence of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians at the Hamas rallies with their research?

"Easy," says Abu-Hussein, "Anyone can come to a rally and scream silly slogans like 'Destroy the Little Satan', 'Annihilate the Big Satan', 'Kill the infidels' and so on for ten straight hours. The question is, how many of these die-hard Hamasniks actually get off their fat asses and do something about it?," asks Abu-Hussein, who concluded, "According to our research – precious few."

For instance, out of a sample of ten thousand school-age children in Gaza 99.9 percent agreed that Israel must be destroyed and the Jews raped and killed mercilessly. However, less than one percent actually volunteered to become suicide bombers and the majority of those were volunteered by their families, "The truth is that the volunteering spirit of Palestinian children is at an all time low," the researchers admit.

But if the situation is indeed so desperate – can anything be done?
"Certainly," says Dr. Shibli, "Science has given us everything we need in order to overcome this crisis. It is well known that exposure to violence and abuse at a young age will result in violent behavior at all stages of childhood and beyond. According to our research, the only problem has been that Palestinian children have been underexposed to violence due to negligence and an undue sensitivity of the Hamas educators.

"For instance, using cartoon characters to depict violence as the Hamas has done repeatedly is, in the final analysis, ineffective. Children perceive the violence as unreal and dismiss it out of hand. In fact, television is one of the worst ways to encourage violence since it is always second hand, unreal and therefore ineffective. If you ask me – television is ruining Palestinian society," said Dr. Shibli.

"Anyway," continued the Doctor, "In our laboratory experiment we dressed one child as an Israeli soldier, strapped him to an electric chair, and let the subjects – children aged three to ten years old - electrocute the so-called Israeli. The higher the voltage, the more screams were induced by the subject, and the more praise he received. Every additional 100 kilowatts of power administered to the "Israeli", the subject received some candy. At the end of the training course the children were itching to get their hands on an Israeli and hurt him. In fact, out of frustration they started hitting each other!" said the beaming Dr. Shibli.

"So clearly, we have here an educational technique that cannot miss. Our children will be raised to be just as violent, fanatic and blindly aggressive as their forefathers. Our traditions will be upheld and Palestinian society will be stronger than ever."

"But what about the children who got electrocuted?" I asked Dr. Shibli
"Yes, well, the system still isn't perfect," said the child psychologist, "Although there is a chance they will live. But, like they say, "You can't make a Palestinian without breaking some kids."


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Andrew said...

Its amazing that many Americans have no idea about the violence going on in the area. Read the exchange here:

satiricohen said...

Why should they know anything?

The news outlets certainly will not give them reliable information and neither will the schools.

Even here in Israel, where you would think good information is a must, we are inundated daily with extremely incorrect information. Some of it because of the Liberal slant but a lot simply because the reporters are really stupid, concerned more with their looks than with their actual job of reporting the truth (what's that??).

Very few people here know their history.

I think the problem is that the consequences of such knowledge is extremely unpleasant as in: violence cannot be wished away, Nazis must be fought to the death, whether Arab or Iranian, and so on.

Finally, thanks for commenting and welcome!