Monday, March 3, 2008

Everyday is Holocaust Day in the P.A.

ISL - Ramallah
President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, announced a new Holocaust Day to commemorate the memory of the thirty two terrorists which were killed in yesterday's Holocaust. This most recent Holocaust was perpetrated by Israeli forces operating in Gaza in an attempt to stop the murder of Israeli civilians.

Abbas eulogized the dead terrorists, mentioning some of them by name and praising their accomplishments. The Palestinian President dwelled upon the tragic fate of Ahmad, the fifteen year-old son of arch-terrorist Mahmoud Zahar:
"Ahmad was a fine young terrorist, beloved by all who knew him, always the life of the party or the terrorist operation, as the case may be. Oh Ahmad, whose life was nipped in the bud before he ever had the chance to live it to the fullest," lamented the President, "It was only lately that you started launching rockets at Israeli towns, a short-lived pleasure that was taken away all too soon.
"Ahmad dedicated his life to the people," said Abbas,

"He could assemble a rifle in the dark in 20 seconds and he was a trained sharpshooter, able to hit an Israeli soldier or a kibbutz volunteer in the head at 300 meters, a feat he preformed, unfortunately, only once – such talent is rare and will be missed by all of us, as will be missed his contagious enthusiasm for killing Jews – even when others would waver or tire from the incessant murder of innocents, always the young, optimistic Ahmad would be there at their side, lifting the people's spirits or else threatening to kill their families and rape their sisters if they lose the faith – that was the kind of young man he was, ever the role model, always living up to the great expectations of his father and his people. The tireless, bright young man had a brilliant future ahead of him – who knows how many Jews he could have killed? With his talent and breeding and dedication – perhaps thousands. But, alas, we will never know.

"Also, Ahmad never got the chance to feel the pleasure of killing a Jew with his own hands and sadly, now he never will. We mourn you today because you were like a son to all of us," said Abbas, crying, "A prodigal son, full of promises yet to be broken, heinous crimes un- committed, unspeakable sins that will remain undone forever after. Standing here, in the shadow of your unfulfilled destiny, we pray for your body that it may enjoy an eternity of shagging virgins, and as to your soul, praise be to Allah who, in His wisdom, never gave you one. Amen."

The new Holocaust Day will be added to the previous ones, making a total of twenty nine Holocaust Days, each one marking a separate Holocaust suffered by the Palestinian people such as the Holocaust of Jenin in which dozens of terrorists were killed by Israel, or the Holocaust of Bargouti who is still rotting in the Israeli jail and of course the greatest Holocaust of them all, the 1947 "Nakba" in which the Palestinians failed to exterminate the remnants of the Jewish people gathered in Israel, a terrible wound that to this day remains unhealed.

You know, I get the feeling that the concept of shame would be lost on these people. Of course, having an imbecile like Matan Vilna'i in charge of anything doesn't help. He stepped right into it this time, didn’t he?

Abbas, the Holocaust denier, knows a Holocaust when he sees one. No suprises here, I guess.

Matan Vilna'i's Shoah comments - from Jpost. Really, since when does the Hebrew language lack words to describe ruin and destruction? What a moron.

Marwan Barghouti's indictment - what kind of people would express admiration for such a man?

Survivor of Palestinian 1948 Holocaust: I will never forget the horrible sight of thousands of Jews, fighting for their lives - and succeeding.

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mother in israel said...

Hi Joe, hope everything is okay.

Anonymous said...

Ehud, What a Loser! (Tune: John Browns Body)

Ehud dropped a bomb upon the UN storage shed!
He meant to hit the Arabs but he hit the shed instead.
He fired his gun while eating his gefilte fish and bread

Now Isaac can't make Matza!

Ehud Olmert, What a loser!
Ehud Olmert, What a loser!
Ehud Olmert, What a loser!

He tried to 'Shake 'n' Bake' the UN stores

Pierre Relation said...

Aren't you sick of reading how they enjoy terrorism over there? How can you call it terrorism (a powerful and evil word) but act like it is your life's purpose? Are killings there ever going to end?

Allan Rencontres said...

Sure we're sick, but this is a satire page, it's supposed to be overstated and ironical ;)

Dan - Israeli Uncensored News said...

may the Arabs be blessed with many more holocaust days like that

ilona@israel said...

just try to read palestinian blogs. you will perfectly get their poin of view. they ignore that fact that land was boughten, they ingore history, everything, they blame israel in all possible sins. even that israeli solders steal organs of palestinian people. its so crazy... and i am so tired of war..

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

BraveJeWorld said...

Interesting that Abbas calls it a Holocaust day when his own thesis for his PhD was all about denying the Holocaust.