Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Netanyahu: Palestinians are not our enemies, only the terrorists are

In a first reaction to the fatal terrorist attacks on Jews near Eilat and the renewal of missile attacks on Israel's South, Netanyahu  clarified that  Israel will retaliate harshly against the terrorists who conducted the attacks and their leaders, but not against the Palestinians, who are not Israel's enemies.
"The people who chose the anti-Semitic, genocidal Hamas government are not our enemies," Netanyahu said. "After all, is it the voters' fault that Hamas now controls the government and is fulfilling its campaign promises to kill all the Jews and destroy Israel?" Netanyahu asked rhetorically. "Of course not! Obviously, the  Palestinian civilians who feed, train, educate, arm, applaud, encourage, and harbor and abet the terrorists, are not our enemies," Netanyahu said and added: "Come to think of it, Israel does not have enemies – after all, the Iranians are not our enemies, and neither are the Egyptians or Syrians."
"At most," Netanyahu said, "There a few dozen terrorists who are our enemies, and we will try to find them and kill them, but only if they are nowhere near any Palestinians, who are our friends."
Netanyah also reminded the Press that since Israel has no enemies, and, as Rabin memorably said, "You can only make peace with your enemies", the never ending efforts to make peace between Israel and its neighbors are futile: "No wonder all the efforts to make peace have failed," Netanyahu said, "We're already friends!"  

Whew. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that Israel does not have any enemies. Now I can sleep well at night, safe in the knowledge that the security and future of our nation is in such good hands. I hope you do too... 
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