Tuesday, September 6, 2011

California to Outlaw Dogs Chasing Cats

ISL - Sacramento -  24 April, 2015 - The California legislature is moving to pass a bill that will outlaw dogs chasing cats. The bill is a first step in what many hope will be an end to hundreds of years of needless strife between cats and dogs. Rep. Franklin Omgido (Dem.), who graduated summa cum laude from San Fernando Elementary School and also holds a degree in Advanced Surfing, said that the bill contains provisions for psychological counseling for dogs aimed at convincing them that their  hostile attitude to cats is unreasonable, undemocratic, and non-inclusive. "Cats have been chased by dogs for hundreds, perhaps even thousand of years.This madness has to stop!" Rep. Omgido said to an enthusiastic crowd of thousands of cats and a smaller contingent of pacifist dogs, mostly poodles and chihuahuas. The bill, which will cost taxpayers five hundred million dollars over the next ten years, calls for training thousands of animal psychologists and mediators and setting up hundreds of  24 hour Crisis and Counseling Centers for beleaguered cats and embattled dogs throughout the state.  Proponents of the bill claim that it will create hundreds of new jobs and will invigorate the economy, but opponents argue that the people of California would be better served by trying to restore electricity to the state, which was cut off due to lack of maintenance and a five trillion dollar debt two years ago.

It seems that California is doing its best to promote Idiocracy in the United States. The legislature already has trouble with math and morals, and now they are going after the babysitters!? Mickey Mouse and Pluto could do a better job than this...Israel is not an easy place to live in, but at least the inmates aren't running the asylum, yet...
Hat tip to Ace of Spades, which has a few more pieces of such legislation here.
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