Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweden to Invest Millions in Combating Western Extremism

ISL - Stockholm, September 11, 2011 - Ten years after the dreadful attack on the United States, Sweden has learnt its lesson: "We will never forget that terrible day," said Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, at a poignant tribute to the 19 Muslim hijackers who were killed on that memorable day. "It is a lesson for all European countries that we must commit ourselves to combat the extremists within us."
To that end, the Swedish government has allocated fifty million dollars to a new program that will combat Western extremism in Sweden by educating the Swedish population about the benefits of living in an Islamic country ruled by Sharia. "The program is modeled on the sort of peaceful coexistence that has been achieved at Malmo," said Prime Minister Farid Reinfeldt, who hopes to oversee an uneventful transference of power to the handful of insanely violent Islamic Jihadis who have immigrated to the country and are unwilling to compromise on their ideal of reverting the entire world back to the Dark Ages. "Coexistence and tolerance of the 'Other' are not always easy," the Swedish Emir admitted, "and the price may seem high to some people, but the alternative would be to forgo our principles of tolerance and mutli-culturalism and actually fight for the survival of our nation and its people, and really, who has the strength to do that? National suicide is easier and we will do our best to make it painless," promised Farid Ranya, the Swedish Emir.
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