Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wikileaks: NIF department head says "Holocaust No Tragedy"

ISL - Tel Aviv, Septmeber 2011 - In a confidential discussion with the American  ambassador,  head of the Next Six Million Project at the No Israel Fund (NIF), Sarah Reichman, said that the Jewish people "Over-reacted to the Holocaust" adding that "In another hundred years the Jews will come to realize that the Holocaust was no big deal; it wasn't the tragedy they though it was." These words, revealed  in a US State Department cable, have caused an uproar in Israel, where many people still hold the unpopular belief that the systematic murder of six million Jews is, actually, quite the big deal.
Current director of the No Israel Fund, Hannah Strassburg, clarified that the NIF completely disassociates itself from these remarks, stating that Reichman is no longer employed by the NIF and has moved on to work directly with the Hamas. She also emphasized that in her opinion the Holocaust is definitely a tragedy: "There is no doubt in my mind that the Holocaust is a tragedy," said the Director. "About three hundred thousand Jews survived due to negligence and sloppiness on the part of Hitler's regime, and many of them ended up in Israel, which is a tragedy in and of itself." Strassburg said that she hopes to avoid Hitler's mistakes by taking a slower but more thorough approach to the issue, "Hopefully, a hundred years from now, we will live in a better world, in which the terrible mistakes of the Holocaust will have been corrected."

Kidding aside, these people are really putting their money where their hatred  is.
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