Sunday, December 9, 2012

International Outrage as Netanyahu Changes Lightbulb in Jerusalem Home

ISL - Jerusalem, 9 December, 2012 - The international community expressed outrage yesterday after it become known that Israeli Prime Minister, the hawkish Mr. Netanyahu, changed a lightbulb in his home in Jerusalem. UN chief, Moon-Sun Tide said that he is extremely disapointed in the actions of the Israeli Prime Minister, which may have set back peace for another decade. High placed sources in the American government said that US President Barak Obama had the worst hissy fit ever and had to be forcibly restrained from calling Netanyahu a dodo-head. Britain and France threatened to continue to despise Jews and serve Muslim interests. to their own detriment. In the West Bank, moderate Palestinian President Mr Abbas issued a statement saying that "This latest provocation proves beyond the shadow of doubt that the Israelis do not wish for peace and that, regrettably  there will be no peace in the region until all the Jews are killed."

For his part, Netanyahu apologized for changing the light bulb in the living room of his house in downtown Jerusalem, claiming that his actions did not in any way shape or form signify a deviation from the policies set down by his predecessors and the international community. "Changing light bulbs in Jerusalem is permitted according to the Oslo accords," a sweating Netanyahu said to reporters today,adding desperately, "Even Rabin changed light bulbs." But the invocation of the Holy Rabin only served to further enrage the horde of Leftist Israeli journalists, so that Netanyahu had to be ushered out of the back door by his security detail, which feared for his life.

Politic analysts in Israel opined that the radical move by Netanyahu was part of the political gamesmanship conducted by all parties before the upcoming election, in which the Likud pretends to be more right-wing than it actually is, and the other Jewish parties on the Left follow suit. Senior analyst Hanan Bamba said that the world needs to understand the situation and relax, since Netanyahu will undoubtedly return to implementing the policies of the Left the minute he is voted into office once again.


Well, I've gone back to reading current events once in a while due to the upcoming elections, so I may be posting a bit. This, obviously, is my response to the ridiculousness sparked by the government's decision to build homes for Jews in Israel...As you can tell, I am no fan of our current chief executive, who has severely discriminated against Jews simply because they are Jews. I am beginning to think that things will not really change for the better until we get ourselves a bona fide right-wing religious prime minister.
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